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    I started writing fiction in 2014 when I decided to take a short break from my Psychology classes. That spring, I enrolled in my first fiction writing course. Our final project that semester was to write a nine to thirteen page short story of any genre we wanted. By the end of the semester, as I was completing my final draft, I realized that I could not seem to find an end. I became so enveloped in my characters to the point of even having vivid dreams of them at night as I fleshed out scenes by day.

    As it turns out, my final draft ended up being a total of twenty-six pages. Wow! The next semester, I even decided to take another class with the same professor and somehow wrote extra back stories (of the same characters) which helped to solidify the fact that this needed (and I mean absolutely needed) to become a novel. By the end of 2014, I made my first cosplay ensemble of my protagonist, Miss Celia Frost, and had a party with friends and family announcing that I was in the process of writing my first book.

    Now, fast-forward to July of 2017. After seven years in the Navy, I was still working on my degree...slowly. In my free-time I would spend a few hours a week wine tasting and writing (while wine tasting) and hanging out with new friends like Carolyn. At one of our quarterly wine pick up parties, I approached her with this crazy idea to start a local writer's group and I hadn't even published anything yet. A little over two years later, and our group is still going strong. 

    As the founder of the Ventura County Writers Salon, I have finally succeeded in having some of my work published while still writing that darn novel I thought I would have finished by now! In our first annual anthology, some of my poetry, art, and even a short story have become available to the public on Amazon! For more information about the group, click here. To get a copy of the anthology, click the picture below: