Charity Winiarski

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     Charity began writing fiction in 2014 when she decided to take a short break from her Psychology classes. That spring, she enrolled in her first fiction writing course. The final project for that semester was to write a nine to thirteen page short story of any genre the students wanted. As she was completing the final draft of her story, Charity realized that she couldn't seem to find an end. She became so enveloped in her characters to the point of having vivid dreams of them at night as while fleshing out scenes by day.   

     As it turned out, the final draft ended up being a total of twenty-six pages. The following semester, she decided to take another class with the same professor. After writing several backstories using the same characters, the story became a block of swiss cheese with plot holes throughout every bit of it. At that point, she knew it was destined to become a novel series.