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      Miss Celia Frost, the daughter of the Viscount of Cairmeath, is training to be an assassin despite her father's lack of faith in her success. With her father also being the former Captain of the Air Queen, Miss Frost is held to higher standards when her brother abandons his position in the family line of succession. Nine months after her father's tragic end, Miss Frost teams up with Captain Francis Meriwether who is a close friend of her family. He has taken command of the newly constructed dirigible called The Maiden of Lightning. Twenty-three years after both of their fathers have founded The United Dirigible Air Force, they work together in hopes of defeating Zylphia Coalsteam and her time-traveling followers of The Order of the Scarlet Monarch. By the time Miss Frost and Captain Meriwether reunite, the war for survival becomes a vital part of their lives. Together, the Captain, Miss Frost, and their team embark on a journey to defeat the greatest villains of their time!

The Maiden of Lightning

Celia's Destiny